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Our services include...

First class jewellery repair service

We offer a comprehensive repair service, ranging from ring sizing and chain repairs to re-mounting jewellery. Call into our store, we are happy to advise and provide estimates for your jewellery repairs.

Jewellery re-modelling service

We have many years of experience in turning old, worn or outdated items into much treasured pieces, we can literally work with anything to produce a brand new item of bespoke jewellery, made just for you.

Jewellery restoration service

Let us bring back the lost shine of your favourite old jewellery. From a simple clean and polish to rebuilding worn settings, we can bring your treasured pieces back to their original condition.

Expert valuation service

You may require a valuation for a number of reasons; the most common is that your insurer requires one to provide adequate insurance cover for your watches and jewellery. Other reasons include probate, private sale or just for personal interest.


Our experts examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation that acts as a legal document you can use for insurance.


Many jewellers charge a percentage of your jewellery’s value to provide a valuation, but we charge a simple fixed fee so you’ll know how much the service costs before you agree to it.

Jewellery cleaning service

We offer a full jewellery clean and polish service, including rhodium plating of white gold.

Gold buying

If you would like to sell any of your unwanted gold items, please bring them into the store. We will weigh your items and can offer either a price to sell, or an enhanced rate to trade in towards new jewellery.

Free Insurance replacement estimates

We can help ascertain the replacement value of items that are subject to an insurance claim, and provide a written quotation for your insurers.

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You can count on us to repair your jewellery.
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