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Kendal Goldsmiths' 2022 Christmas Gift Guide!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello! Nichola here!,

Christmas is one of our most favourite times of the year! Filled with festive cheer, good grub, and spending more time with those that we love. It's a time of giving gifts to show our appreciation and care to one another, and especially after the last few years we've had as a nation, it's become more and more important to us to make the most of this festive season, relax and enjoy everything Christmas has to offer.

We can however, understand this year may have been, and still is, a particularly difficult time for a lot of us, and wanting to spend what we wish we could on those we love, isn't as easy as it sounds.

Were hoping that this gift guide will help you to come up with any jewellery related ideas or inspiration that you may be after, no matter what your budget.

And of course, all of us here at Kendal Goldsmiths are more than happy to help in anyway we can.



1) Gift ideas for Her

2) Gift ideas for Him

3) Gift ideas for Kids

4) Gift ideas under £100


Gift Ideas for Her:

The ladies in our lives can either be the easiest to buy for at Christmas time, or one of the hardest. Some of us like simple and elegant, some of us prefer a little more bling, and some of us would be happy with anything we lay our eyes on.

No matter if you're looking for a gift for your Mum, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, or significant other, thankfully there's plenty of designs and styles to choose from in the world of jewellery.

Diamond Jewellery

Firstly, one word...Diamonds.

You can't go wrong with diamonds. They're used in every type of jewellery you can think of. Coming in all shapes and sizes, both simple and understated, to sparkly and bold, they're a great option for any stone set pieces as they most likely will go with anything, no matter what colour.

From rings to pendants, earrings to bracelets, and with pieces in a wide range of prices, they make a great gift that will stand the test of time. There's no gem stone more classic than a Diamond.


Pearls have been a classic addition in ladies jewellery collections for over 2000 years. Though some may deem them to be quite 'old-fashioned', they're making a come back with younger generations for their elegance and luster.

Coming in various different designs, they're very versatile, though be sure to take good care of them to keep them in tip-top condition. Freshwater or Cultured, pearls make wonderful gifts that can be worn and enjoyed for decades.

Silver Jewellery

Now I can completely understand if diamonds are over budget. If you're still looking for that 'Diamond' look, but without the price tag, Cubic Zirconia's are a wonderful alternative and still catch the light beautifully.

You'll mainly find these stones set in silver, and again in a large variety of styles and pieces.

Like cubic zirconia's, you'll find plenty of other stones set into silver jewellery such as Amethyst, Peridot, Topaz and Garnet which make a perfect jewellery piece for anyone who likes a pop of colour. We also have plenty of stone set pieces with matching earrings or bracelets to compliment another item that she may already have in her jewellery box? Or perhaps you want to treat her to a brand new matching set?


A staple gift for anyone at Christmas is a brand new Watch. They're extremely useful throughout the day and most of us who wear them religiously feel lost without them. They come in all sorts of colours, styles and designs and are perfect whether you're after a simple and easy to read day to day watch or a more sparkly dress watch.

We have a large variety in our store from well known brands such as Rotary, Citizen, Bulova and more!


Gift Ideas for Him:

When walking into a jewellers to buy a gift, looking for something for the wonderful Gents in our lives can be a little challenging.

Depending on their jobs, or their personal preferences of jewellery can narrow it down quite considerably. For example, rings can be quite dangerous to wear to certain workspaces, and cufflinks are sometimes rarely used, but in other cases they make the perfect gift!


Watches are a great gift idea for gents. Like I mentioned before, they're super practical and come in so many different styles, with lots of different functions. From regular analogue wrist watches, to big chunky chronographs, there's bound to be something that will take their fancy.

And we have plenty of gents watches in store for you to browse, suitable for all budgets, from the follwing brands; -Rotary






Chains & Bracelets

Another great idea this Christmas (or for any gift giving occasion) are chains.

Whether to be hung around the neck or worn around the wrists, there's so many styles to choose from.

Classic styles such as curbs, belchers and figaro chains have been a staple piece in gents jewellery collections for decades, and in some cases, its the only thing in their collection, but are worn every single day.

Available in different weights, widths and lengths, there's perfect chain for everyone, and will last for years and years (This also goes for women too, I'm wearing one as I type and it hasn't been off my neck in nearly 2 years, apart from the occasional clean).

Signet Rings

Another popular item of gents jewellery that has been gracing the hands of mankind for THOUSANDS of years, are signet rings. Dating back as long as 3500BC, they make wonderful gifts that can be easily personalised with engraving, family crests and set with any stone you can imagine.

Available in all different shapes, sizes and weights, and whether gifting to a signet ring connoisseur or someone who has never worn rings before in their life, they're make a fab gift sure to last a lifetime and are perfect to pass on through generations to come!

Sizing - If purchasing one of our lovely signets for someone as a gift this Christmas and are unsure on size, no worries! First sizing is always complimentary here at Kendal Goldsmiths so just pop in after all the festivities and we can size them to the perfect size for you in the new year!


Now, I know I said cufflinks may not make the best gift in some cases, but if wearing a suit to work

or dressing smart for certain occasions is a common occurrence, then cufflinks may be the absolute perfect gift this Christmas!

Cufflinks come in all sorts of designs. Plain; which are perfect for engraving and personalising of any kind. Stone set cufflinks add a nice touch of elegance and can include anything from onyx and lapis, to diamonds and sapphires. Big or small and available in every shape you can imagine, they make, and have made throughout the years, great Christmas gifts.


Gift Ideas for Kids:

Buying diamond rings or cufflinks for kids is probably not the greatest idea, and heading into a jewellers when looking for gifts for our little lovelies isn't something that first pops into peoples minds.

However, we have some beautiful pieces that may spark an idea. Pieces that can be treasured into adulthood, or items that you don't have to worry about being fragile and easily broken as they enjoy their childhoods and doing what kids do.


Now I don't know about you, but getting my ears pierced and picking out my first pair of earrings was an extremely exciting time when I was younger (Though they were done with a earring gun and I highly recommend getting any piercings done properly by professionals with a needle and in a sterile environment). It was almost a right of passage, and the moment my new piercings had healed, I couldn't wait to start collecting more earrings to wear.

Perhaps one of the children in your life has had theirs done this year? In which case, earrings will make a perfect gift, and we have plenty in both Gold and Sterling silver to choose from.


I'm starting to think watches are one of the best gifts to give this Christmas, don't you?

We often have Parents pop into the shop accompanied by their little lovelies, and 9 times out of 10, we overhear them mention our collection of Kid's Lorus Watches whilst peering into our cabinet.

Whether they're learning to tell the time, or want some cool wrist wear to show off to all their friends at school in the new year, our watches make a great gift. Mum's and Dad's, don't worry, they're 100m water resistant and come with a 2 year guarantee so no need to fret if playing in or near water or mud!


Now perhaps this Christmas, you've had some new additions to the family and are unsure of what to gift.

Parent's have probably received enough clothes to last until they turn 5, but Keepsakes are a great idea to gift this festive season, to be held onto and enjoyed later in their lives. I, myself am currently wearing a gift, and do everyday, given to my parents when I was tiny. A little signet ring worn on my left hand everyday without fail.

Now it doesn't have to be a signet ring. We have lots diamond pendants, St.Christophers, Crosses, bangles and more! Each to be enjoyed and worn in years to come.

Silver and Diamond Jewellery

Another Christmas, another year where the kids are growing up to quickly for our liking and progressing into inspiring young adults. Maybe you fancy treating them to a piece of jewellery they can look after and grow with? You'll find plenty of beautiful pieces here at Kendal Goldsmiths to suit just that.

Our collection of both Silver and Diamond set kids jewellery provides a little luxury to any budding jewellery fanatic like myself (And growing up with a Mum and Godmother like mine, I had no choice not to be!)

We also have bangles and bracelets perfect for smaller wrists and our pendant chains measure at 14", which can easily be swapped out for longer lengths as they grow.


Gift ideas Under £100:

Like I previously mentioned, this year may have been, or is being, a tough time for a lot of us, and walking into a jeweller's with a smaller budget may feel quite intimidating.

But please don't feel that way! We want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and we're here to help make your Christmas special no matter what your price range.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, or just a little stocking stuffer, we've got you covered.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are perfect for everyone. They can cater to you completely and you can choose whatever amount you like! They make great gifts for last minute ideas, anyone who might be a little pickier with their jewellery choices, or perhaps you overheard someone mention an item they had seen when they last walked past our shop window and a gift voucher would be a wonderful way of putting a little something towards it.

Our vouchers are available everyday, all year round, can be used towards literally anything in store (even repairs and watch batteries) and never expire, so they're a great gift to hold onto for any future Kendal Goldsmiths purchases.

Silver Jewellery

Just because this is the under £100 section of the guide, doesn't mean you can't purchase beautiful pieces of jewellery amongst a wide variety of pieces. We have plenty of Sterling Silver jewellery set both plain and with all sorts of stones. Earrings and Pendants to Bracelets and Bangles, there's pieces perfect for everyone. As also mentioned earlier in the gift guide, this also included chains, signet rings and watches!

An idea for jewellery lovers with,

what some would call, "Enough Jewellery"...

Though some may disagree, I'm a firm believer of you can never have enough jewellery. My Mum has always referred to her jewellery as 'my inheritance' and that's fine by me!

Though sometimes, buying jewellery for people with lots already can be a tricky task, so instead, why not get them a gift to help keep their current collection looking brand new!

Here at Kendal Goldsmiths we stock our jewellery upkeep collection of Connoisseur products, pictured below;

Silver or Gold Jewellery Cleanser/Dip;

Perfect for a quick clean! Pop your silver or gold jewellery in the corresponding cleanser for 10-15 seconds to remove any tarnish and maintain that 'brand new' look, then give a rinse in water to remove any excess residue, pat dry, and you're ready to go! (Not suitable for jewellery set with certain stones, please read label to make sure)

Jewellery wipes;

Suitable for both Silver and Gold jewellery, costume jewellery, gemstones and watches. A quick and easy wipe clean to maintain the fresh look of your jewellery pieces.

Diamond Dazzle Stick;

Super convenient for carrying in handbags to keep up the sparkle of your diamonds and other gemstones, even when you're out and about. A brush tip with cleaning solution inside, simply twist the end until the blue cleansing solution shows on the brush tip. Brush the solution onto the diamond and setting to remove any dirt build up, rinse in water, and pat dry. The perfect tool to bring your stones sparkle back to life!

Ultra Soft polishing cloths;

The easiest, most mess free and quickest easy fix. Perfect for bringing a little shine back to your gold pieces and removing any tarnish from silver.

A quick note before I go;

Any purchase made at Kendal Goldsmiths can happily be gift wrapped complimentary by us, wrapped up neatly and topped with a bow!


There we go!

I'm afraid we've come to the end of our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide.

If you made it all the way through to the end, thank you very very much. It means the world to all of us!

I'm hoping this may have helped you to come up with any ideas or sparked any inspiration to help you with your Christmas shopping this year.

As always, myself and the rest of us here at Kendal Goldsmiths are, and always will be, more than happy to help in any which way we can, show you anything you may be after, and provide you with the most welcoming and comfortable experience here in our shop.

Thanks again to all our customers! And we hope you have the most magical Christmas!

From Nichola, Andrew, Paul, Colette, Emily, Katrina and Jarre


If you have seen anything here on this gift guide, on our main website, or have any other queries or questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01539 728 065.

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