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Diamond Solitaires 5.jpg

As classic as a diamond ring could be! The diamond solitaire is the most traditional style of engagement ring, but it will never go out of style and is a representation of your one true love. Our range consists of beautiful quality Round Brilliant Cuts, Princess Cuts, Ovals, Pears and more! 

Diamond 3 Stones 3.jpg

Diamond three stone rings are another classic that have been designed in hundreds of ways over the years. Coming in all sizes, shapes and combinations, they are a beautiful representation of the Past, Present and Future.

Eternity Rings.jpg

Wanting to represent your eternal love? Looking for a touch of sparkle in your wedding band? Or just another ring to add to your collection? Eternity style bands are a super versatile type of ring, and can be worn alongside other rings you have in your jewellery box. Their simple yet eye catching designs means they're perfect for everyday wear. 

Halos and Clusters 4.jpg

Are you a fan of sparkle? Then these are the perfect style of ring for you. Both halo's and cluster's use multiple stones and so have more facets to reflect the light, thus giving off even more sparkle than single stones alone. We have a wide variety of both in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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